Vancouver BC: March 15 Target of Anti-Pipelines Graffiti Raid Speaks Out

Spartacus Books March 15th Sunday 3pm

The target of an armed house raid on June 3, 2014 will speak personally about his experience of being politically targeted by the Vancouver police. He will share his organizing and involvement in anti pipeline and anarchist movement prior to and after the house raid. Also give an insight into the case and of living under the gun with the mental and physical effects of the raid. As well as give an uncompromising view of the struggle against the pipelines and the system as a whole.




Space Info:

Accessibility info/measurements (inches):

– Front door: 42″ wide, handle height 39.5″, door swings out to the street
– 1st doorway into back space: 34.75″ wide, no door
– 2nd doorway into further-back back space: 34.5″ wide, no door
– Bathroom door: 29″ wide, handle height 36″, door swings into bathroom
– Space between bathroom door to toilet: 42″
– Space between toilet edge and opposite wall: 35″
– Toilet height: 14″
– Sink height: 31″
– Dimensions of bathroom: 60″x59.5″


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